Best Cars for Turo 2022

It’s no secret that the Turo app has a growing user base. Despite a record number of new hosts, Turo could use more listings. Well, this begs the question. What are the best cars for Turo in 2022? There are no obvious answers to this question, however will we...

Rental Center

FAQ Qualifications Income and Employment The combined gross monthly income for applicants should be at least three (3) times the monthly rent amount. Proof of income for the last 30 days reflecting YTD earnings is required (paycheck stubs). If self-employed, retired,...

What is the Chase 5/24 Rule?

Known for its top-level rewards, Chase is unquestionably a credit card company worth considering for your next card. In any case, if you’re intending to apply for a Chase credit card at some point you need to think about the Chase 5/24 rule.  What is the Chase...
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