Cutting your electric bill can be a good way to save money. The biggest expense of most utility bills is the air conditioner or AC. AC Service is of utmost importance throughout the year. Especially leading into the winter and summer.The most common AC is a packaged central air conditioner,  which combines the compressor, condenser, and evaporator in a single outdoor unit. These quick and easy DIY steps can help your ac run better. Therefore, saving you money.

AC Service

Clean Up

Your AC unit needs to “breathe”. Therefore, keeping the surrounds of your AC clean and free of debris is imperative. Sweep any grass, leaves or dirt from around your AC. Take a hose and rinse off any dirt or nests that have accumulated on the housing. Use the hose in downward trajectory as to not push the debris into the interior of the housing. If your AC housing is block with debris it could cause the air conditioner to get hot ultimately leading to failure.

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Listen to your AC

Listen to your AC unit, Do you hear any wailing or squeaking? Do you hear any banging, grinding, clunking, or buzzing? If you hear any of these noises you may need an AC Service. A well running AC will be very quiet. Have a professional look at your AC if you hear any strange noises. Have him check the fan, capacitors, and Freon levels. These parts tend to create lots of noise when they are nearing the end of their service.

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Insulate your AC

Insulate your pipes near the AC. If you are unsure which pipes should be insulated please contact an AC service professional to assist you.

For more information about DIY AC service visit here. If you need help creating a budget contact us here.

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