It’s no secret that the Turo app has a growing user base. Despite a record number of new hosts, Turo could use more listings. Well, this begs the question. What are the best cars for Turo in 2022? There are no obvious answers to this question, however will we shed some light on the topic

Media sources say that Turo CEO Andre Haddad is expecting growth in Turo hosts in 2022. However, along with growth comes failure. Turo success depends on choosing the right car to list.

Getting your feet wet

The best way to learn to use Turo is to list your own car. While this may be scary at first, its the best way to see if being a Turo host is for you. After listing your personal car you may find that it is perfect for the platform.

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Know your Market (Best Cars for Turo)

Are you in a high tourist area? Does your city have a nightlife? Where is the nearest airport? These are just a few of the questions you should ask yourself when deciding what the best car for Turo is.

Vehicle Specifications

best cars for Turo 2022
BMW 3 Series

The best exterior color is on that is easy to clean. Choose a white, grey, or silver car as those colors tend to be easiest to keep clean. As far as the interior color, go with black or dark grays.

Turo Trackers: Which GPS tracking device should you use?

Choosing the best cars for Turo 2022: Quick Tips

  • Choose a car with white, grey, or silver exterior
  • Choose a car with dark grey or black interior
  • FUEL: Choose a car that takes regular gas. Turo guests are hard on cars and you can’t be there to monitor what type of gas they put in your car
  • Wheels and Tire: Choose a car that runs on standard size tires. We recommend 15″ and 16″ tires. Choose a car with hubcaps instead of a sport wheel

Avoid all interior colors except for black and dark greys

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