Collection Agencies

Collection Agencies

Collection agencies can be a nuisance and have a seriously negative affect on your credit score. Most collection agencies are also notorious for reporting incorrect information and pestering clients outside of the statute of limitations. The good news is we can help! All of the collection agencies hate us because we are effective! Adams Credit has removed countless collections from our customers’ credit reports and have seen their scores soar!

We can Help!

We specialize in dealing with every major type of collection from all collection agencies. Think you have an inaccurate, negative account on your credit report? Call one of our repair specialists today to get your free credit consultation! You can also message us on Facebook with any questions you may have. 

Collection Agencies: Remove Inaccuracies | Adams Credit

 Collection Agencies in Alphabetical Order

01 Synchrony Bank
08 Synchrony Bank
09 Tempoe Llc
10 At T Wireline
11 At T Mobility
11 Charter Bright House
11 Charter Communications Collections
11 Comcast
11 Comcast Cable Communications
11 Cox Communications
11 Sprint
11th Hour Recovery
12 Credit One Bank N A
A1 Collections
AAA Collections
AAFES Collections
AAMS Collections
ACA Collections
ACS Collections
AFS Acceptance
AMCB Collection
AR Resources
ARS Account Resolution
ARS Collections
ARS National Services
ASG Collection
AT&T Collections Agency
ATG Credit
AWA Collections
Aargon Agency
Ability Recovery Services
Absolute Resolutions Investments LLC
Accelerated Financial Solutions
Accelerated Receivables Solutions
Accelerated Servicing Group
Acceptance Now Collections
Account Control Technology
Account Management Resources
Account Recovery Services
Account Recovery Solutions
Account Resolution Corporation
Account Services Collections
Accounts Receivable Solutions
Ace Collections
Ace Motor Acceptance Corporation
Acei Debt Collection
Acs Recovery Services
Action Collections
Action Financial Services
Ad Astra Recovery Services
Advanced Collection Bureau Inc
Advanced Collection Services
Affiliated Acceptance Corporation
Afni Collections
Aldous & Associates
Aldridge Pite
Alliance Collections
Alliant Capital Management
Allied Collection Service
Allied International Credit Corp
Allied Interstate
Alltran Financial
Alpha Recovery Corp
Alpine Credit
Amcol Clmbia
American Asset Recovery
American Collection Services
American Collection Systems
American Collections Ent
American Collections Enterprise
American Coradius International
American Credit Bureau
American Express Collections
American Medical Collection Agency
American Profit Recovery
American Recovery Service
American Recovery Specialist
American Web Loan Collections
Amerisol Collections
Arbor Professional Solutions
Arcadia Recovery Bureau
AscensionPoint Recovery Services
Aspen Collection
Asset Acceptance Llc
Asset Maximization Group
Asset Recovery Associates
Asset Recovery Solutions
Atlantic Credit
Automated Collection Services
Autovest LLC
Avante USA
BC Services
BCA Financial Services
BGE Collections
BRG Collections
BYL Collections
Bank Of America Collections
Bay Area Credit Service
Blitt & Gaines
Bonneville Collections
Bridgeport Financial
Broward Adjustment Services
Budget Control Services
Bull City Collections
Bull City Financial
Bureau Of Medical Economics
Burr & Reid
CBE Group
CBNA Collections
CBS Collections
CBSA Collections
CBSI Collections
CMRE Financial Services
CRS Debt Collection
CSD Collections
CSI Collections
CU Recovery
CVCS Debt Collection
Caine & Weiner
Calvary Portfolio
Capio Partners
Capital Accounts
Capital Collections
Capital Management Services
Capital One Collection Agency
Capital Recovery Corporation
Carson Smithfield
Carter Young Collection
Cascade Capital Collections
Cascade Collections
Cash Store Collections
Cavalry Collections
Cavalry Portfolio Services
Cavalry SPV I LLC
Ccs Offices
Central Credit Services
Central Financial Collection
Central Financial Control
Central Portfolio Control
Central Research
Central States Recovery
Centurylink Collections
Challenge Financial
Chase Collection
Check N Go Collections
Choice Recovery
Coast Professional
Coi Collection Agency
Collectech Diversified
Collection Bureau Of America
Collection Bureau Of Hudson Valley
Collection Recovery Services
Collins Asset Group
Comcast Collections
Comcast Collections Department
Commonwealth Financial Systems
Complete Payment Recovery Services
Complete Recovery Corporation
Congress Collection
Continental Collection Agency
Continental Credit Control
Contract Callers Inc
Controlled Credit Corporation
Convergence Collections
Convergent Outsourcing
Cooling & Winter
Covington Credit
Cox Collections
Credence Resource Management
Credit Adjustments Inc
Credit Bureau Associates
Credit Bureau Of Bessemer
Credit Bureau Of The South
Credit Bureau Systems
Credit Clear Solutions
Credit Collection Partners
Credit Collection Services (CCS)
Credit Collections Bureau
Credit Collections Usa
Credit Control Corporation
Credit Control LLC
Credit Corp Solutions
Credit Management Company
Credit Management Control
Credit Management LP
Credit Management Services
Credit One Solutions
Credit Protection Association
Credit Score Simulator Paying Off Collections
Credit Service Company
Credit Systems International
Creditors Bureau Usa
Crown Asset Management
DCM Services
Debt Recovery Solutions
Delivery Financial Services
Delta Collections
Delta Management Associates
Delta Management Group
Delta Outsource Group
Designed Receivable Solutions
Deville Asset Management
Direct Recovery Services
Direct Tv Collections
Directv Collections
Dish Collections
Dish Network Collections
Diversified Account Systems
Diversified Adjustment Services
Diversified Collections
Diversified Consultants
Diversified Credit Systems
Diversified Recovery Bureau
Diversified Recovery Services
Douglas Chancellor Meyers & Associates
Duke Energy Collections
Dynamic Recovery Solutions
Eastern Account System
Eastern Collection Agency
Ebay Collection Agency
Ecmc Collections
Ems Atlanta
Enhanced Recovery Company (ERC)
Enhanced Resource Center
Enterprise Collections
Equinox Collection
Escallate LLC
Evergreen Professional Recoveries
Express Collections
Express Recovery
Ez Pass Collections
FCO Collections
FH Cann & Associates
FMA Alliance
Fair Collections And Outsourcing
Fairway Collections
Federal Bond Collection
Ffcc-Cleveland On Credit Report
Fidelity Collections
Financial Asset Management Systems
Financial Recoveries
Financial Recovery Services
Fingerhut Collections
First Fed Credit Control
First Federal Credit Control
First Financial Asset Management
First National Collection Bureau
Firstsource Advantage
Focus Mgmt Collection
Focus Receivables Management
Ford Credit Collections
Forster & Garbus
Fox Collection Center
Franklin Collection Service
Frontier Collections
Frontline Asset Strategies
Frost Arnett
Fulton Friedman & Gullace LLP
GC Services
GLA Collections
Gafs Group Llc
General Business Recoveries
General Revenue Corporation
General Service Bureau
Genesis Collection Agency
Glass Mountain Capital
Glasser And Glasser
Global Credit & Collection Corp
Global Credit & Collection Corp
Global Credit Network
Global Crossing Local Services
Global Receivable Solutions
Grant & Weber
Grant Mercantile Agency
Great Lakes Collection Agency
Grimm Collections
Gulf Coast Collection Bureau
H&R Accounts
HRRG (Healthcare Revenue Recovery Group)
Harris & Harris
Helvey & Associates
Holloway Credit Solutions
Hp Sears
Hsbc Collections
Hunter Warfield
IC Systems
IMC Credit Services
IQ Data International
Ideal Collection Services
If I Settle With A Collection Agency Will It Hurt My Credit
Immediate Credit Recovery
Independent Recovery Resources
Inphynet Contracting Svc
Interstate Credit Collections
J&L Teamworks
JH Portfolio Debt Equities
JHPDE Finance 1 LLC
JJ Marshall
JP Recovery
Javitch Block
Jefferson Capital Systems
Johnson Mark LLC
Joseph Mann & Creed
Kay Jewelers Collection Agency
Kendall Credit
Keynote Consulting
Keystone Law LLC
LCA Collections
LJ Ross Associates
LVNV Funding LLC
Lanier Collection Agency
MBA Law Offices/Capio
MG Credit
MGM Collections
MRS Associates
Machol & Johannes
Marcam Associates
Mars Collections
Mccarthy Burgess & Wolff
Medical Business Bureau
Medical Data Systems
Mercantile Adjustment Bureau
Mercantile Solutions
Merchants Credit Guide
Messerli And Kramer
Midland Credit Management
Midwest Receivable Solutions
Midwest Recovery Systems
MiraMed Revenue Group
Mnet Financial
Monarch Recovery
Monterey Financial
Mountain Land Collections
NCB Management
National Bureau Of Collections
National Credit Adjusters
National Credit Services
National Credit Solutions Collection Agency
National Credit Systems
National Enterprise Systems
National Recoveries Inc
National Recovery Agency
Nationwide Recovery Service
Nationwide Recovery Systems
Ncc Business Services
Nelnet Diversified Solutions
North American Collections
North American Credit Services
North American Recovery
North Shore Agency
Northland Group
OAC Collections
Omega RMS
One Advantage
Online Collections
Online Collections Grvl
Online In Sv
Optimum Outcomes
Orion Portfolio Services
PDQ Services
Palisades Collections LLC
Paragon Contracting Svc
Paragon Revenue Group
Paramount Recovery
Parking Revenue Recovery
Paul Michael Marketing
Paypal Collections
Pendrick Capital Partners
Penn Credit
Perfection Collection
Performant Recovery
Phoenix Financial Services
Pinnacle Credit Services
Pinnacle Recovery
Pioneer Credit Recovery
Plaza Services
Portfolio Recovery
Pressler & Pressler
Pro Collect
Professional Account Management
Professional Choice Recovery
Professional Claims Bureau
Professional Credit Service
Professional Debt Mediation
Professional Finance Company
Professional Placement Services
Professional Recovery Consultants
Progressive Management Systems
Pse&G Collections
Puget Sound Collections
Qualia Collection Services
Quality Asset Recovery
Quantum Collections
Quick Collect
RGS Financial
RMCB Collection Agency
RMP Services
RPM Collection
RS Clark And Associates
Radius Global Solutions
Rapid Recovery Agency
Rapid Recovery Solutions
Rausch Sturm
Real Time Resolutions
Rec Solution
Receivable Management Services
Receivable Recovery
Receivable Recovery Solutions
Receivable Solutions
Receivables Control Corporation
Receivables Management Systems
Receivables Performance Management
Recovery Management Services
Red Credit Solutions
Reliance Recoveries
Reliant Capital Solutions
Rent Collect Global
Rent Recovery Solutions
Renton Collections
Resurgent Capital Services
Rev-1 Solutions
Revenue Group
Revenue Recovery Corporation
Revenue Recovery Inc
Revenue Recovery Solutions Inc
Rickart Collection Systems
Rushmore Collections
SCA Collections
Sarma Collections
Sbcs Debt Collection
Security Credit Systems
Sent To Collections Without Notice
Sequium Asset Solutions
Sequoia Financial Services
Seterus Inc
Simm Associates
Simons Agency
Source Receivables Management
Southwest Credit Systems
Sprint Collections
Stanislaus Credit Control
Stark Collection Agency
States Recovery Systems
Stellar Recovery Inc
Stern Recovery Services
Stoneleigh Recovery Associates
Sunrise Credit Services
Syndicated Office Systems
Synter Resource Group
T Mobile Collection Agency
TRS Recovery Services
Tek Collect
The Advantage Group
The Bureaus
The Ccs Companies
The Outsource Group
Thomas Agency
Todd Bremer And Lawson
Transworld Systems
Trellis Company
Tri-State Adjustments
Trident Asset Management LLC
Trident Asst On Credit Report
USAA Collections
USCB America
USCB Corporation
Unifund CCR Partners
United Collection Bureau
United Consumers
United Recovery Group
United Recovery Systems
United Revenue Corp
Universal Collection Agency
Universal Collection Services
Universal Credit Services
Vance And Huffman
Velo Law
Velocity Investments LLC
Verizon Collection Agencies
Verizon Collections
Virtuoso Sourcing Group
Virtuoso Src On Credit Report
Vital Recovery Services
Wakefield & Associates
Waypoint Resource Group
Wells Fargo Collections
Weltman Weinberg & Reis
West Asset Management
Western Mercantile Agency
Westlake Portfolio Management
When Do Collection Agencies Report To Credit Bureaus
When Do Collections Fall Off Credit Report
Williams & Fudge
Wilshire Consumer Credit
Windham Professionals
Works & Lentz
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