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Need Help Fixing Your Credit Score? We can help!

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Nicole Franklin

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Need help fixing your credit?

Don’t feel alone, there are at least 79 million Americans with inaccuracies on their credit reports. You can obtain help in several different ways. First, you could do it yourself. We do not recommend this method as we have seen this method do more harm that help. Secondly, you could hire a credit repair specialist. Typically, the quality of credit repair specialists varies greatly. Most do not have the proper training to repair your credit properly and there being no licensing agency it is hard to determine who is legit. Thirdly, you could hire a credit repair attorney. This can be really expensive. Finally, you could hire Adams Credit. We have an on staff a Houston credit repair attorney and competent credit repair specialists.


Who can help fix my credit?

Who can help fix my credit is a frequently asked question. Generally, attorneys and credit repair specialists can help you fix your credit. Adams Credit has a credit repair attorney on staff as well as several credit repair specialists ready to help you get your credit fixed.

Need help fixing your credit score? Call 1-800-713-Improve-My-Credit-Score (4627)

Can we fix your credit fast?

Can we fix your credit fast? Yes and no, every credit report and client is unique. Most clients see results within 60 – 90 days. Therefore we request scheduling a free consultation and credit analysis to get help fixing your credit score. Help fixing your credit score is on the other side of the telephone.

How to fix your bad credit

You can fix your bad credit by doing it yourself, hiring a credit repair agency, or hiring a credit repair attorney. If you do not want to hire Adams Credit or any other credit repair company we recommend the following “how to fix your bad credit” guide which can be purchased here.

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