Should you use a tracker on Turo?

Turo trackers. So you just bought your first car to share on Turo. You post it and then get your first booking for a full month. Then the fear sets in and you realize that your car is going in the hands of an absolute stranger for an entire month. Never mind the fact that this stranger just registered for the Turo platform this month. What do you do? Should you get a tracker or not?

What is Turo?

For those of you who do not know, Turo is a peer-to-peer sharing app that allows private car owners to share their vehicles via an online and mobile interface in over 56 countries. Turo is not a rental car app, it is a car sharing app.

Turo Trackers used by Hosts across America

  1. Bouncie $8 month
  2. Verizon Connect
  3. Momentum IoT
  4. TrackmateGPS Dash T11 Real Time,Hard Wired, Kill Switch, Door Lock/Unlock- No Contract – 24/7 Online Activation – US customer service
  5. AdvantageGPS for the ones I need a kill switch
  6. Americaloc
  7. TMobile SyncUP Drive
  8. Goldstar Wireless by Spireon
  9. Passtime GPS
  10. Vyncs

1. Bouncie


2. Verizon Connect

turo tracker VerizonConnect
Verizon Connect

3. Momentum IoT

turo tracker Momentum IoT
Momentum IoT

4. TrackmateGPS

turo tracker trackmate

5. AdvantageGPS

turo tracker Advantage GPS
AdvantageGPS Wire Free GPS

6. AmericaLoc GPS

turo tracker AmericaLoc
AmericaLoc GPS

7. TMobile SyncUP Drive

turo tracker SyncUp
TMobile SyncUP Drive

8. Goldstar Wireless by Spireon

turo tracker Goldstar
Goldstar Wireless by Spireon

9. PassTime GPS

PassTime GPS
PassTime InTouch GPS

10. Vyncs


Read more about tracking and technology devices here.

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